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Switchers and slugs abandoned Me at the Steel in 1993
The cold blast furnaces High line to the blast furnaces
Charging larry now Blast furnace 'C' on our tour in 1995
Charging larry in use Rotary Dumper & Ore Yard from 1995
The Dorr plant in 1995 The Gas Blowing Engine House in 1995
Basic Oxygen Furnace Structural Shipping Yard
PB&NE Shops Lynn Ave. Bridge
Then and Now PB&NE Headquarters Building
Blast Furnaces From Cemetery PB&NE Locomotive Roster Over the Years-
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     New Bethlehem Steel inspired T shirts!

Danger Do Not Walk Under
Suspended Ladle Covers shirt

This shirt is based on a picture of a sign that I took at Bethlehem Steel under the cast house of I think blast furnace 'C'. It was attached to one of the supporting pillars and referred to the danger of standing under one of the heavy metal covers that were lowered onto the open tops of the loaded hot metal cars. They were used to help keep in the heat of the hot metal.

Blast Furnace Department shirt

This shirt is based on a small emblem sent to me. It was too small to be used for a shirt and so my friend Jim Judge recreated the graphic. I think it makes a great shirt. Both these shirts were created on behalf of the Garden State Central Model Railroad Club and are part of a fund raising effort being used for our building fund.

A video on the dumping of slag at Bethlehem Steel in 1994. It show a trip to the slag dump by a PBNE switcher and the dumping of slag cars by a crane. See the video

See a hot metal car being filled at Bethlehem Steel in 1992. Photographed by Mike Curry and Bob Judge outside blast furnace 'E', it is a rare glimpse of the day to day servicing of the blast furnace. Check it out onYouTube
See snapshots from the video

Bethlehem Plant Map
Truck Dock Locations
(The map is large and may take a moment to load)

Pictures of the June 23 2006 and November 17 2006 tours of Beth Steel given by the National Museum of Industrial History A new page of signs found around the plant.

Beginning of slideshow End of slideshow
This small slideshow is a series of pictures taken in 1995 in blast furnace 'C'. It was 3 months before the Bethlehem plant closed. We had arranged a daytime tour with the night supervisor of blast furnace 'C' and he took us almost everywhere in the plant. We were allowed to take as many pictures as we wanted and I know I took several rolls of film. As a matter of fact I think I used a whole roll just during this pour. We stood on a small raised landing in the cast house and watched as the pour took place. It was an experience I will never forget.
See all the pictures of that pour back in 1995.

One of the railroads I model is the Philadelphia Bethlehem and New England. With the closing of the steel mill that it served, the locomotives and rolling stock lay in the growing weeds waitng to go either to a new home or the torch of the scrap yard. Above is a photo of the PBNE logo on the side of Slug number 13 . This photo was taken in September of 2005.

This is a picture that I took in 1993, 2 years before the mill closed. It is from the Lehigh River side of blast furnaces. This is how I like to remember the mill and model it.
More pictures of blast furnace row.

Check out this fascinating film from YouTube showing the Steel in early 50s. This is the first film I have seen of this great paint scheme on a PBNE locomotive. Number 38 is an SW9. Notice also at the smaller hot metal cars. These are the size of the Walthers hot metal cars and great if you model the mill in the early 1950s. Thank you Jim Gavin for alerting me to this movie.

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