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A web site about my home model railroad layout in HO and some photos of the real thing that I have taken over the years. My layout is dedicated to modeling the Bethlehem Steel plant at Bethlehem Pa. between 1965 and 1975 and the Philadelphia Bethlehem & New England and the Lehigh Valley railroads.

My layout has now been taken down, but the Mill still lives. I have donated all my steel mill buildings and cars to the Garden State Central model railroad club of which I am a member. We are building a new layout at the Info Age Learning Center at Camp Evans in Wall New Jersey. There is room for Bethlehem Steel to be built with even more detail. You can get a look by checking out our website:
Garden State Central Model Railroad Club.

Over time I have added more pictures and information about the mill. It is my own small attempt at preserving the memory of this very important piece of American industrial history.

I have also added information on McMyler high lift coal dumpers. I am fascinated by these huge machines and I have built a working model of one for the Garden State Central Model Railroad Club. Check out my McMyler Dumper page.

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Our featured prototype picture is one I took in October of 2006. It was under the casting house of one of the blast furnaces. It refers to the danger of standing under the metal ladle covers used on top of the open hot metal cars to retain the heat. You can now buy a shirt inspired by this sign. or see more Bethlehem Steel signs

Its been a long time since I posted a new photo of my blast furnace. There have been some changes including new full size stoves (to replace the undersize Walthers stoves) and I finished the front of the cast house.
See more pictures my blast furnace.

Then and Now - How the mill plant site is changing
The mill is changing as the Sands Casino is being built. Some building will be saved, but unfortunetly many more will be lost. See pictures of before and after.

National Museum of Industrial History Preview Opening July 30, 2016
Some friends and I were invited to the preview opening of the National Museum of Industrial History in Bethlehem Pa. See the NMIH Opening photos

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