Here are some of my HO model locomotives

I don't really have many because to stay on my layout they have to earn their keep. I try to only have locomotives that really operated at and around Bethlehem Steel in the years I model 1965 to 1975.

Above are 3 shots PBNE SW7 #35. The above shot was taken as #35 was delivering 2 covered hoppers to the blast furnace high line. The other 2 were taken in Iron Hill yard on my layout. The model is a modified Proto 2000 Sw8/900. Behind it is PBNE slug #13. I built it starting with an old Athearn locomotive frame.
Above is Lehigh Valley RS11 #7643. It is an Atlas yellow box locomotive. I put a Soundtraxx DCC chip in it and it runs pretty good. The Alco sound is its best feature!
PBNE locomotive #23 passing the sintering plant on the way to the BOF with a loaded hot metal car. This model is a kitbash. It is basically a Brooadway Limited NW2 DCC with sound. The thing that bothered me was that it is a later phase NW2 than the real #23 and it did not have the hood notch right before the cab. I took the body from my Kato NW2 which is an earlier phase that had the notch and modified it to fit on the Braodway. The cab remained the Broadway cab.
PBNE locomotive #23 about to enter Iron Hill yard on my layout.
The shots above and below show the hood notch of the NW2 that is one of the main spotting differences between the earlier and later phases.
The above shot shows #23 pulling up to Iron Hill tower.


Blast Furnace

Bridges Accross the Lehigh

Overall View

The Electric furnace