Iron Hill yard on my layout
The interchange between the PB&NE and the Lehigh Valley

These are the most recent pictures of Iron Hill Yard. I have added some scenery and ballast. Also I have built the Iron Hill Yard tower out of foamcore with pictures of the real tower taken by my friend Rob Davis. I manipulated Rob's original photo in Photoshop and then printed them on photo paper glued onto the foamcore. It makes a quick and fun project that creates a low cost model that can always be replaced later with a plastic model.
Thank you Jim Judge for showing me how to create the pieces in Photoshop and for all your patience. The bottom picture is of the pieces as they are printed flat on photo paper.

Below are older pictures of the yard before much scenicing was done.

This is a view of the yard and it's control panel. The panel is not used much anymore because I now run DCC.

PB&NE NW2 switcher number 23 working the yard This switcher is a Broadway Limited that I painted for the PB&NE.
This picture shows the Valley GP9 #300 delivering scrap to the yard The track in front goes to the BOF


Overall View

The Electric furnace

Bridges Accross the Lehigh

Slug 13