Charging Larry model
Scratch built charging larry (ore transfer car)

Whether you call it a charging larry, ore transfer car or charging car, the huge electric car was always an interesting thing to watch. They were wide gauge and took ore and other steel making ingredients from the ore yard to the blast furnaces. The pictures below are of the unfinished model I am building.

I wanted a DCC operated charging larry for my layout.I bought a Bachman GP30 DCC engine for $30.00 and using the the model minus the shell I started building up. My friend and fellow Garden State Central club member Mike Curry had already built an HO model of this car using an S guage mechanism underneath. I used some of the templates that Mike created for the profile of the ends but had to do the base a little differently. This is a new shot and I have added the stripes, a driver, trucks, ladders and a headlight.

Number 8 charging larry on the highline heading towards the blast furnace. You'll notice that the supports for the high line and the topside details are not yet complete.
The ladders to the roof have been added but can't be seen in this shot.
A view from a slightly different angle. The larry approaching the blast furnace.
The hot metal cars can be seen in some of the pictures. These 2 are earlier shots. A final view from above.


Overall View

The Electric furnace

Bridges Accross the Lehigh

Slug 13