BB&RT Locomotives

Mac Rail Bus kitbash from Aristocraft passenger car
This project was begun on July 11th 2013

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2013 by Jules Heiliczer and Earle Evernham

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Bob Judge's kitbash of a Mac Rail Bus. This is the most recent shot. The body is almost done and the roof racK is sitting where it will be installed.

Bob beginning the project with an Aristocraft passenger car.
Here you can see the front taken from a Hartland Mac switcher.
The frame has been extended by Butch Evernham to allow the Mac front to be added.
Notice the beginning of the scratchbuilt headlights.
Here Butch Evernham is working on the muffler mount.
The extended frame being attached to the body.
Bob putting in the newly added freight doors.

Photos from October 3rd 2013. Bob and Butch working on the
headlights and roof rack

Butch Evernham holding the lit headlights.

Photos from October 17th and 31st 2013. Bob working on the
a roof rack and ladder (second attempt)

The final version of the ladder and roof rack Butch istalled the inside lights and the backup lights

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